The N7SNO D-STAR Gateway is currently running the common "G2"  You will need to register with the USTrust to use the gateway on the G2 network... N7SNO is not accapeting registrations at this time. Because we are moving away from Icom/G2 software. However you still need to register with a USTrust system to properly enjoy D-STAR radio on any repeater system. 

Your D-STAR radio will need to be programmed for gateway access by setting the RPT1 Call parameter to N7SNO_ _B and the RPT2 Call parameter to N7SNO_ _G. Click here for details on configuring your radios. By setting the RPT2 parameter to "N7SNO_ _G", you are telling the system to use the gateway to handle your D-STAR traffic, routing it to another gateway down the road, or around the world. This setting also permits DVAP and DV Dongel users to hear your traffic. It is common best practice to always have RPT1 and RPT2 set as we describe here allowing everyone to hear your communication. However by leaving RPT2 blank or not configured, and leaving RPT1 on N7SNO_ _B only local RF users will hear your communication. This may be handy if your just testing someting locally.

The N7SNO system is moving away from the USTrust G2 Icom software - the software is not being activly updated or maintained any longer, because of this the trend in the USA has been moving to other call routing systems. The major system is the ircDDB database that uses the ircDDBgateway software. N7SNO sysops have chosen to move to this system when approprate. The advantages are no longer needing to register your call, simply keying up with your properly programmed radio will allow full functionality of the systems. The downside is untill all of the users in the world choose to move to a new system - this will always be complicated - meaning you still need to register on the USTrust to use systems in the USA and outside the USA.

Further details on the ircDDB can be found on the livelist page where if you enable visability of your call you can see your log show up.


The N7SNO D-STAR Gateway is located on rattlesnake ridge between Snoqualmie and North Bend, Washington, and links the N7SNO D-STAR repeaters to other D-STAR repeaters around the world. Among other things, the Gateway supports automatic linking to popular D-STAR reflectors during net's, slow speed data connections to other users, and during time of flooding the system will locally alert the flood stage of the Snoqualmie river using NOAA information.

Additionally the system will take and foward any D-PRS (APRS for Digital) to the APRS network, any time you key up with DV-A or GPS-A the system will take that slow speed data and foward it along - there is no need to do anything else no next hop or routing is needed at all. It is consider abuusive to automatically brodcast DPRS on a repeater. Please do not allow your radio to brodcast automatic positioning on any repeater or reflector system. Set your radio's GPS to "PTT' you will see your position on any APRS site (such as findu)

The real power of the system is using the reflectors for linking to group chat rooms much like IRLP or EchoLink, however no additional software or access is needed to use this yourself. N7SNO software supports all types of reflectors so if you find a reflector similar to REFxxx XRFxxx or DCSxxx you may connect to them provided the other side is configured correctly and we know the details for the connection. If you have problems please ask on air or email a group sysop. One more item of note is that the system will auto-link to other reflectors the following is a time table of the current auto linking of the system. If you want to use the repeater on a different reflector during these time (provided the EOC is not activated and the repeater is not in use by others) you may disconnect the system with a '_ _ _ _ _ _ _U' command for unlink. Then use the repeater as you wish. The system will automaticlly resume the schedual after a period of no use - there is no need to worry about the system when your done.

 Repeater Reflector Autolink Schedual
Day Local Time PST Reflector Notes on the link
M-F 6AM to 6PM REF035C Washington State Repeater Reflector connected to most WA-State D-STAR systems
Sat-Sun 6AM to 1PM REF035C Washington State Repeater Reflector connected to most WA-State D-STAR systems
Sunday 5PM REF001C International D-STAR net
Sunday 7PM REF035C WA7FW Washington D-STAR net
Monday6PMREF067CThe Roundtable Net
Monday 7PM REF038C raspberryPi net
Tuesday 8PM REF012A D-STAR Basics net
Wedensday 7PM REF014C HamNation net
Wedensday 8PM REF035C Washington State net
Thursday 8PM REF012A PAPA Roundtable D-STAR net -
Friday 6:30PM REF067B D-RATS net
Saturday 7PM REF035C NorthWest D-RATS net ratflector

For a list of D-STAR repeaters and gateways, click here. A map of D-STAR gateways around the world is available here.