N7SNO System information

The Snoqualmie EOC N7SNO repeater system, how to use it, our coverage areas and operating guidelines.  

In operation is one Analog FM repeater and two ICOM D-STAR digital repeaters on two bands, supporting D-Star Digital Voice and low-speed Digital Data on the 70cm and 23cm bands.

The Analog FM system is currently not linked to any other systems. Plans are in place to link the Analog and Digital systems for interoperability. This will also allow use of some digital features on the analog system. Information will be posted when this task is compleated.

These systems are open systems - any licenced radio user is allowed to operate the repeater functions freely without membership or permission, we are not a group that will get upset if you "kerchunk" but you must identify peroperly per FCC if you are testing or playing with the system. 

These systems have primary use for the city of Snoqualmie WA emergency operations and all other use is secondary at the time of use by the EOC or other city operations in any capacity. use of  this repeater MUST comply with all FCC mandated rules and regulations. We also expect that you will follow ARRL recomended use of repeaters.

The repeater sysop team can be reached via email or by asking for any repeater sysop operator on air.

SYSTEM STATUS - Repeater Information

N7SNO Gateway Information

The N7SNO FM and DSTAR Digital repeaters can access and use the gateway, so whichever radio you own you can review the instructions to using the gateway software.

The D-STAR system is similar to a conventional repeater with IRLP/Echolink capabilities. The difference is that D-STAR digitizes your audio in the radio, as opposed to in the computer as with IRLP/Echolink. D-STAR repeaters rebroadcast locally, in-band or cross-band, or far and away, depending on how you have configured your radio. D-STAR also supports 1200 bps data on the digital voice channel, so you can send data from your D-STAR radio as well. Our 1.2 GHz high-speed data repeater will provide a 128kb TCP/IP data connection, bringing all your favorite internet applications such as email and web browsing to your ID-1 and computer station.

The system is feature rich and a dedicate page for repeater use and interfacing are located here.

Programming for N7SNO Systems

The N7SNO repeater has an FM system and is typically easy to program 444.925mhz. Duplex +5.0mhz PL tone 85.4

Being all digital, D-STAR behaves somewhat differently from the repeaters we are used to. D-STAR radios need some parameters set for them to work properly. Follow this link for details on programming your D-STAR radio.


The repeater sysop team can be reached via email or by asking for any repeater sysop operator on air.

Call or visit the Snoqualmie Fire Department to request a SECAST application.

Snoqualmie Emergency Management
Phone: 425-888-5911

SECAST is the volunteer unit of the Snoqualmie Emergency Management Department.

Members are recruited on a completely non-discriminatory basis.